In Memory

Robert Olsen

Deceased Classmate: Robert Olsen
Date Of Birth: Nov.-28-1953
Date Deceased: Jan.-6-2011
Age at Death: 57
Cause of Death: C.O.P.D./respiratory failure
Classmate City: Carpentersville
Classmate State: IL
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: Sisters:Louise, Margaret, And Nancy. Brothers:Charles, Robin, and Elmer. Plus many Nephews and Nieces.

Robert was always the more popular of us twins. I don't particularly like admitting it, but it's true. We would fight in the back yard practically every day when we were kids, and he would always win. But since he didn't fight dirty, we'd be right back at it the next day. That being said, if he saw anyone else beating on me, there would be Hell to pay! He was the better athlete of the two of us. He had way more girlfriends than I did. And even though some people considered me the brains of us two, he was way more intelligent than he was given credit for. I was jealous and felt like I lived in his shadow, but then a funny thing happened. We grew up. I am now proud to say that I have never had a better friend than my twin brother Bob, and I'll never get over losing him. He told me when I was at the low points in my life that he just wanted me to be happy. Well, Bob, I know that you're in Heaven (even though I am not the greatest Christian in the world, Bob was a true believer and he gave me hope), and I know that you're happy. That's all I want for you, too. I love you, I miss you, and I'll do my best to be a good person so we can be together again someday. You were the greatest twin brother a guy could ever have. I love you, Bob! Your twin, Robin.